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Flying Feeniks unbeatable


Since Futsal Club Feeniks has recently attracted some international players and simultaneously expanded the limits of its fan zone towards the borders of our continent, we will once in a while publish some match reports and player interviews in English also. Here is a brief summary of yesterday's amazing away victory against Ri-Pa Young Boys. A more extensive report is available in Finnish as usually. The editorial board of suggests Google translator to our international fans. It could be useful to translate Finnish texts into Norwegian first, and then from Norwegian into your own language. In such way, the tiny Fennoscandian nuances of some idiomatic phrases are most likely to be translated correctly.

Feeniks stole crucial three points from Mikkeli by beating the host team Ri-Pa convincingly 2-7. Feeniks continued its winning streak, which is now a record high: four matches in a row. The team defended carefully, rigth as in the few previous matches, and Ri-Pa was forced to desperate shots from tight angles. Goalkeeper Risto Heikkinen was on a great playing mood and blocked all the shots in the first half. He also made some ambitious rushes out of his goal and covered all the dangerous opportunities of opponents' attackers. Furthermore, he assisted Feeniks' first goal by a long throw-in.

There were some great performances in our attacking side as well. For example, Oskari Luoma continued his goal streak by netting the second four-goal match in a weekend. In the beginning of the second half, another Feeniks-rookie Gkhan Ates made a decisive interception and skillfully scored a soothing 0-4 goal. The rest of the match was more or less relaxed playing with time on our side. "We managed the game well from very beginning to the end" Gkhan thought.

Gkhan has scored four goals so far, and it is easy to expect more in the second round of the league. The talented youngster has improved a lot from the first matches. Still, Gkhan has some considerable weaknesses, particularly in his knowledge of Finnish football and futsal culture. For example, before yesterday, he was not familiar with Jari "Never heard" Litmanen. Also, he considered Galatasaray SK to have stronger first team than Fs Feeniks. Well, the learning process goes on and on until the perfection is reached...

Feeniks will continue training for this week, and then enjoy a well-deserved Christmas break for a couple of weeks.

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